Blade Trinity

Blade Trinity Release Date: December 8th, 2004 - New Line

Cast: Wesley Snipes - Blade, Kris Kristofferson - Abraham Whistler, Ryan Reynolds - Hannibal King, Jessica Biel - Abigail Whistler

Summary: The third Blade movie finds Blade joining forces with "the Nightstalkers", a group of human vampire hunters, as they tackle the powerful and ruthless villain Danica Talos. Talos has resurrected the man now known as "Drake" (modernized name for Dracula) from a century-long sleep in the hopes of finally getting world control for all vampires. Our heroes must unleash a virus that will kill all vampires. To make things a lot harder for Blade, the vampire leadership launches a public relations "smear campaign" against Blade, letting the "human" world know of his existence.
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